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Bollard on this narrow shortcut off Charlleville Road, Dublin

Partial repair. Let's see how long it lasts this time.

The Hinshaw Street cycleway at the Maltbarns Street junction. It is not clear what the priorities at the junction might be, but in practice traffic volumes are generally low.

Howard Road, Cambridge

The end of the Hinshaw Street cycleway at the Maltbarns Street junction. The nib on the far side of the junction has a dropped kerb at the far side, if continuing along Hinshaw Street. The tactile strip is some new adhesive type I'd not see ... [more]

This is pretty much the full length of the Hinshaw Street cycleway. It ends at the Maltbarns Street junction.

A short section of cycleway in Hinshaw Street feeds into the cycleway in Garscube Road.

A rather poor combination of cycle lane, bus stop and parking layby on Hawthorn Street.

No direct cycle access from Claddens Street and Claddens Place to Balmore Road, just access for pedestrians.

First sight eastbound of what's around the corner

Good progress on backfill and reinstatement above south end of underpass

'Making it up as they go along'? Looks as if they may have decided against adding a second cattlegrid

Tarmac looks almost finished, broken swing gate has been replaced, other swing gate has been hooked open again.

Still some work to do between resurfaced path and existing cattlegrids. Not very walk- or cyle-friendly at the moment, and not obvious how they can finish without fencing off the route via the grids.

Improved path for Chisholm Trail making progress, but still plenty of 'making good' to do.

Some sort of pipe dangling from the road bridge over the River Kelvin and NCN7.

The sign permitting cycling in the Fastlink busway has gone, and there is a sign directing cyclists to the shared path along the riverside. However, the crudely altered "Bus and cycle only" road markings remain.

Cycling in the cycle lane on Gorbals Street. The taxi driver driving behind the bus then barged through this group of four cyclists to park in the layby. The permanent cycle provision for this road can't come soon enough!

The contraflow cycle lane in Howard Street is blocked by roadworks, and this sign is at the end cyclists won't be approaching from while using it. See also #170198.

Roadworks closing the contraflow cycle lane in Howard Street. See also #170198.

"Cycle Lane Suspended" - no further details. Roadworks are taking place in the contraflow cycle lane in Howard Street ahead. A diversion could have been set up via Dixon Street and Fox Street. See also #170199.

There is are no segregated cycle lanes on Schützenweg. At the railway crossing, there are no proper sidewalk either. Right north of the railway line, a major cycle route is also crossing Schützenweg. This area is growing rapidly with addi ... [more]

The start of the Garscube Road cycleway, seen coming from the Queens Cross direction. Next time I'll try going between the first and second bollards rather than the second and third which was quite tight.

The end of the Garscube Road cycleway, but there is a short length of cycleway to the left in Hinshaw Street. Construction is underway to the right, of a new ramp for access to the Forth & Clyde Canal.

The Garscube Road cycle track at the entrance to the Oakbank Trading Estate. There is a flashing LED cycle sign, but this one didn't light up, unlike one further south.

One day I'll come along here and it will be open. There's a continuous cycle track around the corner into Possil Road which continues as far as Baird's Brae. A short connection has been built in St George's Road, which will later be extende ... [more]

The Garscube Road cycleway still unopened at Possil Road.

Still surfacing work outstanding at the south end of the Garscube Road cycle track.

A Nextbike docking station at Keppochhill Road, with the St Rollox Drive cycle track in the background.

Modal filter on Ditton Walk, Cambridge

Ditton Walk, Cambridge

Ditton Walk, Cambridge

Ditton Walk, Cambridge

Ditton Walk, Cambridge

The speed cushions in the middle of Bateman St have been replaced by partial-width cushions, much easier for both cars and bikes. The three to the east are full-width.

The three speed cushions at the east end of Bateman St have been replaced by gentler full-width cushions.

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Bikes and trailers

[Image uploaded 2.5.21. Image taken?] Menai Bridge. No overtaking sign showing cars but with text in both Welsh and English to make it applicable to people on cycles. In English it says: 'Except bicycles by bicycles'. Thanks to Cycling UK' ... [more]

Wonderful graffiti spotted on Ditton Walk - apparently there were space invaders here last month. See #62518.

[Update 15.6.21. These had gone today.] [Image taken 12.6.21] Tanner Row, York. Cones not doing their job and therefore creating an obstruction and a hazard. This street is designated the diversion for people on cycles and wheelchairs while ... [more]

[Update 15.6.21. These had gone today.] [Image taken 13.6.21] Rougier Street, York. Three completely flat signs and one without the information side showing: so four temporary signs not doing their job and therefore creating an obstruction ... [more]

The three speed cushions at the east end of Bateman St have been replaced by gentler full-width cushions. Did they also repair the potholes caused by drivers braking for the previous cushions? No, of course not.

[Image taken 10.6.21] Rougier Street, York. Not doing its job. Damaged. A hazard. Clutter. Obstructing access to the cycle racks, the Tier scooter/cycle bays, the information totem. No contact information on the rear that I could see when I ... [more]

[Image taken 12.5.21] Wellington Row, York. Just round the corner from the works compound for Lendal Bridge replacement floodgates, two of the associated diversion signs have fallen over. The diversion for this work does not follow the desi ... [more]

[Image taken 12.5.21] Wellington Row, York. See: #168817 and links

[Update: This sign was no longer here 29.5.21] [This sign was still a hazard at around 14.00 on 21.5.21] [Image taken 12.5.21] St Leonard’s Place, York. Additional fallen signs from today: #168817 and links

[Image taken 16.5.21] Station Road junction with Station Avenue, York. A fallen sign further reduces the width of the pavement and increases the obstructions (there are scaffolding poles) under the City Walls. People are pushing their cycle ... [more]

[Image taken 14.6.21] Toft Green, York. Sign not doing its job. A trip hazard. Other images this issue today: #170165, #170166. This issue all dates search on ‘fallensign’ and ‘redundantsign’. All images today: #170159 and links.

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  • Icon 170226 Travelling against the flow of traffic will cause accidents and chaos
  • Icon 170225 Mablethorpe is a one road town, any ideas which would cause any obstruction on the high street to the traffic will cause utter chaos and grid lock the town!
  • Icon 170224 Whoever keeps coming up with these unworkable and silly ideas, needs sacking!
  • Icon 170223 It can't be improved
  • Icon 170222 Whole one-way system needs to be a 20 mph Zone, this would be beneficial to people cycling in the road. Also those walking on narrow footpaths and motorists that come across queuing traffic.
  • Icon 170221 Speed limit needs to be reduced to 30 mph from the present 40 mph to cut down on speeding vehicles. This would encourage more walking and cycling.
  • Icon 170220 More crossing areas needed along the High Street which is very wide. This would be welcomed by shoppers and businesses. A 20 mph Zone wouldn't hurt either.
  • Icon 170219 High street needs to be a 20 mph zone to enable pedestrians to cross safely when accessing shopping.
  • Icon 170218 Widen Pavements to where road is narrowed already by paint. Also reduce speed limit to 20 mph particularly as a vehicle has been driven into the side of a building on the junction.
  • Icon 170179 Location: Tollgate Road from Colney Heath to the war memorial/gates to North Mymms. issue: road is dangerous for cycling and is a missing link between the St Albans-Hatfield cycling route and the safe and enjoyable cycling routes in and around North and South Mymms and National Cycle Network route 12 to Chipping Barnet and London. There are footpaths that cover this link but they are not accessible to cyclists. please can this be changed (and signposted)... fixing this half mile or so segment of route would be a great aid to safety and to promoting cycling in the county. Thank you!
  • Icon 170146 There is a well used "natural path" across the grass from St Luke's Church towards the bus stop. Can this be made into a well defined metalled path and the grass replanted beside the path? It needs to be side enough for tweo or even three people as the route is very popular.
  • Icon 170145 The pavement is too narrow here outside the pub on the corner at the bottom of Islingword Street even when the pub benches are not being used. Add a build-out on Islingword Street round this corner to allow passers-by to pass by without stepping into the road.

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